by Midmark on Feb 18, 2016
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Superior illumination, 1040 reflecting facets and a counterbalanced design make up the visionary Midmark 255 LED Procedure Light.

Specifically designed for dental use with an even distribution of light, at Midmark we understand that you need the best quality illumination, whether you are working in a specialized procedure area or a dental office.

Integrated controls are located on either side of the light, providing easy access to lighting adjustments. The easy-to-use control pad allows for simple adjustment of the light brightness, whilst the sleek, stylish contouring and sealed edges of the light head make for extremely easy decontamination. The handle can also be removed for steam sterilisation.

Designed to deliver both quality and affordability, the 255 light also includes a no drift arm and an exceptionally smooth range of motion, unlike other spring based lighting systems. It is available as either a wall mount, ceiling mount, combination procedure light or a mobile stand alone unit to suit your specifications. For more information on this Midmark product, please e-mail dentalemea@midmark.com or telephone +44 (0) 1252 360 940 for a friendly discussion of your requirements.