by Midmark on Jan 21, 2016
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The dental chair champion of choice.

Midmark, a global manufacturer in the supply of medical, dental and veterinary equipment, is a pioneering leader in the advancement of modern dental equipment technology.

Recent articles have recognised that morbidly obese patients are being turned away from some dental practices, purely because their dental chairs are unable to support patients of this size. These patients then have to make alternative arrangements, such as having to attend hospital in order to receive their dental treatment and/or routine checkups.

The Elevance®  Dental Chair is a culmination of modern day technology, sturdy construction and stylish design. Reinforced with cast aluminium back and with the ability to lift up to 32 stone, the Elevance®  can be relied on to lift the full range of patient body types, eliminating potentially embarrassing situations and giving you and your patients complete peace of mind.

Patient support is our greatest focus, and the Elevance®  has been designed to provide the highest quality of patient support and comfort. A contoured seat provides proper positioning and increased comfort, as well as a high density foam to increase chair durability. An advanced, integrated lower lumbar support ensures sustained ergonomic positioning throughout the lengthiest of procedures.

Optional SerenEscape®  heat and massage facilities are available to help relax anxious patients of any size. The patient is able to control the intensity of the heat and massage via a small, handheld remote, giving them the ultimate control over their experience.

A contoured footplate gives extra convenience and ease of access not only to larger patients, but also to other patients who may also be in need of extra assistance, such as small children, the elderly, or those who have restricted mobility.

Highly regarded by dental professionals worldwide, the Elevance®  Dental Chair is a reliable and durable addition to your practice, with little routine maintenance required and is available in a range of stylish colours and effects.

For more information on our range of dental chairs and operatory packages, please contact +44 (0)1252 360 940 or e-mail Dentalemea@midmark.com.