Midmark QuickClean Ultrasonic Cleaners

Fast, efficient, operation – thanks to its integrated Frequency Leap Technology which ensures homogenous cavitational activity reducing dead spots and standing waves and minimising cycle time.

Repeatable & traceable cleaning performance – save and store cycle parameters and results with the integral memory card port.

Variable power settings allow the cycle parameters to be optimised for your application and load type and a fluid level sensor ensures the right water levels are maintained prior to and during the cycle, so you don’t have to worry.

There’s a range of sizes & flexible basket options to suit your application and throughput needs, eliminating bottlenecks and maximising flow through your instrument processing cycle.

QuickClean™ is quiet & safe – a durable plastic lid reduces noise and minimises aerosol release, whilst doubling up as a handy drip collection unit, and a 3 year warranty comes as standard.