Steriliser Accessories

Air Removal Tests

Performed at the beginning of each day on vacuum steam sterilisers, Air Removal Tests (Bowie Dick Tests) confirm that the vacuum steriliser effectively removes air in order to facilitate efficient steam penetration of the chamber and load.

Our air removal tests provide accurate results to confirm the effective performance of Newmed steam sterilisers.

Helix Test

The Helix test is an accepted method of verifying the steam penetration in hollow instruments and air removal capability of a vacuum steriliser. It is used to provide assurance that air has been effectively removed from the chamber and steam has effectively penetrated even the most hard to reach areas of a hollow load, such as long-lumened, narrow instruments.

Bowie-Dick Test

The Bowie-Dick Test verifies the effective steam penetration in porous loads. The test emits a physical (colour) change when carried out correctly. This test should be used in accordance with your local regulations.

Chemical Indicators - Cross Check

Chemical indicators are designed to respond with a characteristic physical (colour) change to the parameters (pressure, temperature and time conditions) within the sterilising chamber.

They are intended to detect potential malfunctions of the steriliser. We recommend that you carry out the Cross Check test once a day, or in accordance with your local regulations.

Biological Indicators

Each Biological Indicator is completely self-contained, providing 106 colony forming units (CFU) of Geobacillus stearothermophilus and an ampoule of specifically formulated growth medium with a pH indicator.

It is designed to be sealed after processing, reducing the risk of contamination (and consequent false positives) and evaporation of growth medium.

Water purification systems

The quality of the water used in a steriliser will affect performance and can compromise the sterilisation process. We offer the highest standard of water systems which ensure the highest quality steam is produced, maximising the life of both your steriliser and instruments.

Our products meet the latest standards and provide point-of-use purified water for small bench-top sterilisers. Water purification technologies range from simple de-mineralisers to reverse osmosis systems.